Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jumped on the Band Wagon

Well... we did it! It seems like such an easy thing to do. Blogging! Easy to keep in touch with everyone that is for sure! This summer has been crazy busy so let's hope I can keep posting somewhat consistent. We have been busy traveling back and forth to Gig Harbor for The Fourth of July, a cousins wedding reception & another cousins wedding. Then add in a wedding that a coordinated and another wedding that I helped my mom with. Plus park days and play dates and that keeps us all really busy!

Halle is going to start a Montessori preschool in September. She is so excited! She will be attending two morning sessions & one afternoon session which will be an art class. She will also get to eat lunch there. She continually reminds us that she is big enough now to go to school by herself! She went and visited last month and said the most exciting part was "the teeter-totter in the play ground"!

Faith will be attending Co-op Preschool again with Mom. This will be her third year there! Time has flown by so fast. She will be going two mornings a week. She is an active little one always getting bumps & bruises. She seems to have no fears or falling or bonking. Her only fear seems to be a rather large and "loud screaming" fear of bugs!

Brooke has taken quite a bit onto her plate this year. She is not only the wedding coordinator for the church, but she is also helping coordinate wedding receptions and has followed in her Mother's footsteps and has done the flowers for a wedding this summer. She decided she wasn't busy enough (she didn't know what she was thinking) and took on the position of chairperson for the Co-op. This Christmas she got golf clubs as a gift and has enjoyed doing that.

Jeff is still with Northwest Farm Credit. He is enjoying his position and keeping busy. When he is not at work he can usually find him in the back yard playing with the girls and doing yard work at the same time. He has enjoyed playing some golf with Brooke, although an injury has really limited his activity.

Jake is still his neurotic self, chasing shadows and light reflections. He seems to think that he has been around long enough and should have free reign of the living room and sleep on the couches. He loves to play ball with the girls and "herd" them around the yard.